Tinkr All-In-One!




With our robust navigation system, you can be sure any objective is reachable. Powerful automation APIs include advanced path finding and unstuck features.


Everything you need to automate any part of gameplay is included. With our Automator API, anything from simple gathering bot to a complete questing bot is possible.


Fully integrated combat system allowing you to be the MVP. Write your own custom scripts easily or use available 3rd party platforms that support tinkr.


A custom scripting AP enables you to create anything from a radar, to a complete automation system. Easy to learn, the limit is your imagination.


A custom high performance in-game ESP allows you to draw shapes, text and textures on objects. Never get lost in the game again.


The first of its kind on the macOS platform. Available on both Intel and M1 macs, enjoy unrivaled performance and security no matter the device you play on.

Tinkr Features